New album out on 20th of June 2013
1. Miss Barleycorn   2. Where Toadstool Glows   3. Preacher’s Daughter   4. Twa Corbies   5. Lust End   6. Muspilli   7. Herlaþing

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About Wolfmare

The band WOLFMARE was founded in 2002 in St. Petersburg, Russia by ex-members of local metal and folk projects. The band plays folk metal, but their creativity is too strong to lock it in frames of one genre. Many shades and influences of black metal, doom metal and even the 70′s rock were added to the folk metal base and make the unique WOLFMARE sound. The most of lyrics are in English, but some traditional songs in other languages are also performed.

WOLFMARE has recorded four studio albums. The first one titled “Widdershins” was released in 2004 at a local Russian label, as “Whitemare Rhymes” (2008) and “Hand of Glory” (2010) were released by the CCP Records, Austria.

Now it’s time to show another face of WOLFMARE. New album called "The Sacred Mushroom and the Crows" is released by the SoundAge label, Russia. Its slogan is “Back to the roots”, not only the band’s roots but also the roots of the folk and metal music. WOLFMARE are never the same, more voices, more sounds, and more surprises are waiting for the audience anytime.

Wolfmare are

Iana Nikulina
organs and vocals
Andrei Stepanov
Dmitri Petras
bass and vocals
Stas Matveev
air guitars
Elena Chikulaeva
senseless violin and vocals


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The Sacred Mushroom And The Crows (2013)

  1. Miss Barleycorn
  2. Where Toadstool Glows
  3. Preacher's Daughter
  4. Twa Corbies
  5. Lust End
  6. Muspilli
  7. Herlaþing
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Hand Of Glory (2010)

  1. The Plagued
  2. Angel Lust
  3. Down by the Riverside
  4. Red-Wat Dream
  5. Das Palästinalied
  6. Bring Out Your Dead
  7. The Keening
  8. Heaven
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Whitemare Rhymes (2008)

  1. The Ballad of Jolly Hangman
  2. In Taberna
  3. The Hall of Mirrors
  4. Widdershins Song
  5. Schattentanz
  6. Mother Moose Jig
  7. Shine
  8. Mourning of the King
  9. Web of War
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Wolfsangel: Widdershins (2004)

  1. Barditus
  2. Njord
  3. Ice
  4. Of Ye Birch Tree Slain
  5. Lullaby
  6. King of Northern Trolls
  7. Wolfsangel
  8. Lady of Darkness



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28.03.2014RockstarsTallinn, EstoniaHukkunud Hinged, Grave Siesta, Soulwound, Thrashless, Soul Thrower, National Napalm Syndicate
08.09.2013Festival MediavalSelb, GermanyGarmarna, Corvus Corax, Berlinski Beat, Cara, Dandelion Wine, Elmsfeuer, Euzen, Faun, Feuerschwanz, Gny, Obscurus Orbis, Poeta Magica, PurPur, Rawenschrey, Sagax Furor, Satolstelamanderfranz, Strömkarlen, The Sandsacks, Totus Gaudeo, Unshine, Valravn, Winterstorm, Arjopa, Kauna
06.09.2013Rock For Roots FestivalNauen, GermanySodom, Endstille, Adorned Brood, Succubus, Darkmoon Warrior, Postmortem, Kultasiipi, Aeba, Torturized, Koroded, Fäulnis
30.08.2013ArcticaSt.Petersburg, RussiaThyrfing (SE)
15.03.2013ArcticaSt.Petersburg, RussiaSt.Patrick's DayТролль Гнет Ель, Оркестр Тролля, Остролист, Вереск
26.01.2013Rock HouseMoscow, RussiaMendor's Party
19.01.2013ArcticaSt.Petersburg, RussiaÞorrablótWoodscream, Der Galgen, Buhurt, Beer Bear
14.09.2012ArcticaSt.Petersburg, RussiaBirthday Party: 10 Years of Total WolfmareKill-o-Matic, Svartby, Ann-Tennath, Der Galgen
18.03.2012OrlandinaSt.Petersburg, RussiaCruachan (IE)
21.01.2012ArcticaSt.Petersburg, RussiaÞorrablótWoodscream, Trelleborg, Buhurt, Der Galgen
04.06.2011Black Troll FestBornstedt, GermanyAdorned Brood, Aktarum, Black Messiah, Bleeding Red, Ctulu, Heathen Foray, Heralder, Jörmungand, Menhir, Odroerir, Skyforger, Vardlokkur
19.03.2011ArcticaSt.Petersburg, RussiaSt.Patrick's DayОстролист, Woodscream, SherWood, Irish Ёрш, Минус Трели, Затейник, Самодива, Бергтора, Bee Celtic, Лунный пёс, Драконь, Tam Lin, Фер Диад и Карро, Мьёлльнир, Анастасия Шугалей, Королева Форте Пиано
19.02.2011ArcticaSt.Petersburg, RussiaСатанакозёл, Woodscream, Лешак, Vergeltung (DE)
20.11.2009ArcticaSt.Petersburg, RussiaFINNTROLL (Fin), Troll Gnet Yel
25.09.2009OrlandinaSt.Petersburg, RussiaAmorphis (Fin)
04.07.2009HörnerfestBrande-Hörnerkirchen, GermanyHörnerfestSaltatio Mortis, Fiddlers Green, Rhyannon, Drachenflug, Attonitus, Menhir, Odroerir, Fejd, Larkin, Nachtgeschrei, Volkstrott, Heidenlaerm, XIV Dark Centuries.
14.06.2009OrlandinaSt.Petersburg, Russiat.h.e. Sacrament, Woodscream, Гуахо
13.02.2009ArcticaSt.Petersburg, RussiaVecheriaVrata Snov, Desaint, Trelleborg, Old Abandon
29.11.2008ArcticaSt.Petersburg, RussiaKonets Leta, Nasledie Vagantov, Woodscream
03.11.2008ArcticaSt.Petersburg, RussiaSamhain 2008Nomans Land, Dwarven Dance, Der Galgen, Obereg
26.06.2008ArcticaSt.Petersburg, RussiaSeason's EndLamina Nox, Tartharia, Nomans Land, Cattle Extermination, Exage
13.06.2008Rock Palace Open AirPushkin, RussiaRock Palace Open Air 2008Septerra, Dwarven Dance, Cherny Kuznets, Caira, Dominia, Boney Nem, Troll Gnet Yel, Gorky Park, Epidemia, To/Die/For
11.05.2008ROKSSt.Petersburg, RussiaWhitemare Rhymes Release PartyRossomahaar
06.04.2008ROKSSt.Petersburg, RussiaNevid, Svarga, Svartby, Put' Solntsa
16.02.2008ArcticaSt.Petersburg, RussiaBlack Winter DaysKivimetsän Druidi (FI), Asguard (BY), Buicide (RU)
04.11.2007ArcticaSt.Petersburg, RussiaFolk Metal Fest part XVArkona, Nevid, Svartby, Trelleborg
29.09.2007ArcticaSt.Petersburg, RussiaMetalHell Fest 3Morrah, Sacrament, Fear Of Insomnia
14.07.2007Night Wolves MG Bike Rock FestSivoritsi, RussiaNight Wolves MG bike-rock-fest
17.06.2007MusikmesseSt.Petersburg, RussiaMusikMesseTroll Gnet Yel, Item et al
31.03.2007ArcticaSt.Petersburg, RussiaBATTLELORE (FIN), Antarctica, Frosted Glass
18.02.2007ArcticaSt.Petersburg, RussiaBlack Winter Days VSvartby, Alkonost, Rossomahaar, Kamaedzitca
27.08.2006ArcticaSt.Petersburg, RussiaSeason openingGreat Sorrow, Tophet, Jim Sunweed, Void Void, Iraventus
29.07.2006Rock Palace Open AirPushkin, RussiaRock Palace Open AirAriya, Troll Gnet Yel, Nomans Land, Psilocybe Larvae, Morrah, Item, Atomica, Abnormal, O.X., Antisacrum, Buicide
28.04.2006ArcticaSt.Petersburg, RussiaAlkonost, Antarctica, Pagan Reign
17.12.2005ArcticaSt.Petersburg, Russia
12.11.2005PortSt.Petersburg, RussiaTIAMAT (SWE)
30.10.2005B-2Moscow, RussiaCRUACHAN (IRE), Tintal
29.10.2005PartizanYaroslavl, RussiaCRUACHAN (IRE)
28.10.2005ArcticaSt.Petersburg, RussiaCRUACHAN (IRE), Tumulus, Svartby, Sopor
15.09.2005ArcticaSt.Petersburg, RussiaKORPIKLAANI (FIN), Nomans Land, Antarctica, Arkona
19.08.2005ArcticaSt.Petersburg, RussiaMOONSOROW (FIN), Nomans Land
30.07.2005Night Wolves MG Bike Rock FestSivoritsi, RussiaNight Wolves MG bike-rock-festCrossroads, Boney NEM, Psilocybe Larvae et al.
28.05.2005ArcticaSt.Petersburg, RussiaMetal Heart Awards 2005Troll Gniet Yel, Catharsis, Рогатые Трупоеды, Citadel
26.05.2005RedSt.Petersburg, RussiaFatal, Item, Atomica
08.05.2005ArcticaSt.Petersburg, RussiaMetalHell Fest
01.05.2005ArcticaSt.Petersburg, RussiaCRUACHAN (IRE), Nomans Land, Alkonost
26.03.2005ArcticaSt.Petersburg, RussiaSumerki Bogov Fest IIENSIFERUM (FIN), Frosted Glass
12.02.2005ArcticaSt.Petersburg, RussiaBlack Winter Day IIRossomahaar, Morrah, Alkonost, Asguard
06.02.2005R-ClubMoscow, RussiaTroll Gniet Yel, Arkona, Nevid
18.12.2004ArcticaSt.Petersburg, RussiaMorrah, Abnormal, Mind Eclipse, Llanfair P.G.
04.12.2004R-ClubMoscow, RussiaObesity, Svarga, Rest In Pain, Alkonost, Morrah
19.06.2004ArcticaSt.Petersburg, RussiaWiddershins Release PartyStalwart, Hieronimus Bosch, White Owl, Tartharia, Pizzles&Scrotum
21.05.2004ArcticaSt.Petersburg, RussiaFolk Metal Fest IITroll Gniet Yel, Perun, Nomans Land
02.05.2004ArcticaSt.Petersburg, RussiaNomans Land, Void Void
27.03.2004ArcticaSt.Petersburg, RussiaMorrah, Nomans Land, Seducer's Embrace, Void Void
21.02.2004ArcticaSt.Petersburg, RussiaBlack Winter DayFragile Hollow (FIN), Morrah, Septima, Citadel
07.02.2004ArcticaSt.Petersburg, RussiaButterfly Temple, Nomans Land
14.12.2003RedSt.Petersburg, RussiaMorrah, Stalwart, Rogatie Trupoedi
03.12.2003RedSt.Petersburg, RussiaTYR, Nomans Land
31.10.2003OrlandinaSt.Petersburg, RussiaBlack Astrology, Bestial Deform, Morrah, Antisacrum, Septima, Zov, Mosaic of Soul, Burial Shades, Tartharia, Psilocybe Larvae
29.08.2003OrlandinaSt.Petersburg, RussiaMorrah et al.
28.06.2003OrlandinaSt.Petersburg, RussiaNomans Land et al.
14.06.2003Russian Roulette Fest at LDMSt.Petersburg, RussiaRussian Roulette FestFINNTROLL (FIN), Nomans Land, Troll Gnet Yel, Satarial
11.05.2003RedSt.Petersburg, RussiaCatharsis, Nomans Land, Face X
07.03.2003PyatnitsaSt.Petersburg, RussiaMorrah, Mosaic of Soul et al.
28.02.2003PyatnitsaSt.Petersburg, RussiaSeptima et al.
01.02.2003OrlandinaSt.Petersburg, RussiaSeducer's Embrace et al
26.12.2002OrlandinaSt.Petersburg, RussiaPsilocybe Larvae, Inhuman Race, Septima
20.11.2002OrlandinaSt.Petersburg, RussiaBestial Deform, Stagnatus, Black Astrology

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